Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet up for music?

I had been trying to figure out how to contact Dwayne Fuhlhage (Vintage Technology Obsessions), and then I considered just broadcasting the conversational points I wanted to make.  He had just made a post on Google+ about a Remington typewriter on eBay, being sold for parts as its keys had been chopped.  What are the moral and ethical considerations about liberating a brutalized machine from a keychopper, if one has a typewriter in need of parts?  Would this be an act of redemption for the machine, or would it rationalize the act of keychopping? I was going to reference a quote from Eddie Vedder about making shark fin soup...

And, speaking of “The Typewriter (In the 21st Century),” I also wanted to convey to Dwayne that Marian Call (referred to as “the musician” in the documentary) was going to be in Kansas City on Saturday, September 20th, and that I might be able to be able to get there.  I might even pack a typewriter in the trunk, since I will not be on my motorcycle, this time.

Long-time readers might recall that I had an “Adventure Weekend” back in June of 2010 that started with a concert by Marian.  She told me, later, that I was the only person who showed up specifically to see her perform.  She was less well known, back then, and the Typosphere had not gotten as crazy-big as it has become.  Now, dare I wonder how many Typospherians might get together to support one of our honorary members?  Anybody who is interested can find the RSVP e-mail address on her website. There are other concerts listed, too, for those of you far away from Kansas City.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if she performed her “Shark Week” song, with plenty of audience participation.  That pretty much brings my blog update full circle, now.


  1. If Dwayne doesn't contact you through this post, send me an e-mail and I'll put you in touch with him.

  2. If one needs incentive to check out the show, here's a photoshoot Marian did for her Kickstarter. A typewriter girl in fantasy armor? Yes, please!