Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Don’t See Me, and Now You Do.

Where has the time gone? Would it not be better for me to ask where have I gone? Coming up with an answer might depend upon my being able to return to self-awareness. The short answer is that the last few months and the foreseeable future, for that matter, involve being so immersed in multimedia that I have been unable to form coherent thoughts, much less write them down or blog about them.

Yesterday, I saw “Now You See Me” at the local theater. Going out to movies has been one of the many extravagances I have been obliged to indulge in. The internet tells us we must experience the latest cinematic presentations, and we are not supposed to know we have any free will to refuse.

I do not want to launch into yet another commentary about the morally-corrupting influences of popular culture, but I can highly recommend watching this movie as a mildly cynical reflection on modern society. If you have seen any promotional advertisements, you may be familiar with the thesis statement that the closer you look, the less you will see. It is no spoiler to say that distraction is a cornerstone of a successful magic trick. For a couple of hours, I was pleasantly distracted from the excruciating agony of being aware of living in a world where people can easily be dazzled with noise and flashing light; sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Perhaps, at some point since my last posting, I came to the conclusion that, if only I could stop thinking, I could be like everyone else in my daily surroundings.  This losing battle to maintain coherent thought is wearisome. It has been tempting to burn all my journals, since past experience has no relevance for whatever future might have once been possible. It has been tempting to shut down my blog page, since it mocks me with the reminder that of not having been updated in months.  If not for the mental stimulation coming from the Typosphere, I think I would have to look into a seven percent solution of cocaine, with whatever long-term consequences it would entail.


  1. boy howdy, sounds like you're contemplating a 45 caliber blow job or something. The Reverend recommends 30 minutes a day with your favorite typewriter and posting twice a week the results. This medicine is best taken with 2 fingers of fine scotch whiskey. Guaranteed results to your Satisfaction, or your money back!

  2. Be sure to measure out the scotch with the two fingers pointed vertically! ;)

    I second the good Doctor's typing prescription. Prose, poetry, poesy - have at it.

  3. Good to see you posting, even if it's not the cheeriest sentiment. And there is no duty to post -- it's just an opportunity to express yourself to fellow denizens of the typosphere, where you are always welcome.

    Have you seen The Prestige? Creepy film about magic.

  4. Most of us feel that way from time to time. Take Ted's advice and play with your toys, they are all the distraction you need, I hope.

  5. Oh, Crimeny, The Prestige. :P

    Right, you are in possession of a device that can replicate any matter, and instead of simply replicating gold or food to feed the poor, you use it to repeatedly commit suicide to fill a 200-seat theatre to show up your rival.

  6. Mr C, I agree with Mr T and Mr V, hammer it on paper - then bind it or burn it. Doesn't matter what it is as long as you make some noise writing it.

  7. I love the "45 caliber blow job" imagery, Reverend. That, alone, perked up my spirits. And, yes, grain alcohol spirits helped, too, dispensed by Mr V's vertical measurement technique. I like to say that, if you can't make your problems go away, then go away from your problems for a while.

    I'm curious about "The Prestige" just for the cast. My ex was a cop, so I had to miss out on a lot of movies where anybody tries to get away with anything. After seeing "Now You See Me," I'm inclined to check out similar movies.

    Oddly enough, one of our on-campus counselors has been wanting to discuss some workplace environment issues with me. The discussion will give me a perfect opportunity to segue from work-related conflicts to personal struggles. Many of my problems are very real, and I am merely the first to fall apart over their effects. The good news is that there is help.

    The consensus seems to be that I need to get the typewriters out and use them. I could not agree more, and carving bits of time out of my schedule clearly needs to become a priority. I thrive on a creative challenge, and this looks like one of those nigh-impossible ones that used to be my specialty.

    Many thanks for the supportive sentiments. I will try to do better, and more frequently so.

    1. It's good to hear you have support locally and are willing to use it. That alone is half the battle. The "go away from your problems" thing is also wise, and I like to think my typewriters have helped me stay sane these last 3 (really rough) years, a sort of sanctuary almost. A small slice every day.

      As for posting, I only prescribe that because I enjoy your posts, and am selfish and vain enough to order you to do more for my pleasure. :D

  8. Someone order a creative challenge?